Here are sample pics from my most recent updates

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Earlier Updates

 07/27/15 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Want You To Cum! Pies and JOI!  
Ariel and Jayce want to see you cum for them! Jerk off encouragement, JOI! These two hot women pie eachother while telling you all about how much they love your big dick and want to see you cum!

 07/19/15 - Video - Ariel Takes A HUGE Savory Gunging + Pies!  
Ariel gets a huge savory nude gunging! 17 industrial size containers! Jayce was all set to give Ariel this huge gunging, but then Ariel`s husband complains that since Jayce came along he never gets to trash Ariel anymore! Ariel and Jayce are good sports about it and graciously allow him to deliver all the mess! BBQ, cream corn, beans x 2, mayo, chick gravy, honey mustard, tomato sauce x 3, cheese, brown gravy, mustard, balsamic vinegar, 1000 island, rance & corn syrup + 4 pies! Her husband pies her so hard he nearly knocks her off her stool. It`s awesome! All of this mess goes directly over her head!

 07/18/15 - Video - Ariel Lady Luck Cosplay + Pies + Gallons Of Syrup + Foot/Tights Fetish  
Ariel in a sexy cosplay scene with focus on her sexy feet in tights. She has 11 fluffy "grasshopper" pies and 2 gallons of syrup. The pies go to her big tits, face, inside her tights, on her ass, feet and pussy pies! No spot on her sexy body is left not covered in fluffy pie! She pours one of the jugs of syrup on her feet and one over her face and head. Ariel shows off her feet off to you a lot in this scene. Get it here at or as a download @

 07/08/15 - Pics - Ariel & Jayce During A Private Session!  
So, Jayce and I do private sessions......seriously, you can pay us and we'll meet up with you and get messy with ya! :) lolll But really, we do that. And it's fun. And here are some pics from our most recent one.

Earlier Updates

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