Hey guys! Jayce is back doing custom videos again! Message me @ arielwambabes@gmail.com
Here are sample pics from my most recent updates

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Ariel and Maria aka MyPieRogative get slimy with 180 raw eggs!

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Earlier Updates

 Custom Video - Ariel & Maria Play A Homemade Game - Pies & Feathers!  
This was so fun! We got asked to do this really fun custom! I was sent a box with some homemade dice, a HUGE feather pillow and these cute outfits. I provided the pies and syrup lol You have to see how this crazy game went down with 2 crazy chicks! Oh, and Maria's boobs are HUGE! lol :)

 Video - Ariel & Jayce Go Crazy With The Icing & Fluff!  
Ariel and Jayce start off clean and sexy, in their pretty panties and bras :) They quickly become a really big mess with lots of colorful icing and thick, white marshmallow fluff! They put SO much of it in their hair! SO SO much lol Very sexy and very sticky :) :)

 04/14/16 - Custom Video - Ariel & Jayce Messy Hair!  
****I uploaded this video once before, and someone just let me know that the file was not complete, I've re-uploaded it and the whole 33 min clip is here now! - Ariel and Jayce together once again! In this custom they've been asked to flow lots of chocolate syrup, then green batter, over each others heads, paying special attention to keep their faces as clean as possible! After they've used all of their syrup and batter, they scoop lots of it off the ground and use the mess on each others hair.

 03/03/16 - Video - Ariel & Maria Get Slimy In 180 Eggs!!  
Ariel & Maria (aka MyPieRogative) get messy in 15 dozen raw, slimy eggs! They wear white panties, tank tops & ankle socks & take turns in the `hot seat` getting slimed with raw eggs! They fill each others panties with eggs, you can see the eggs sliding over their pussies through their panties! Ariel especially delights in this practice, it feels so good, and Maria is extremely entertained to be doing it. These ladies get crazy in this scene! It`s so entertaining to watch them `torture` each other with slimy, raw eggs!

Earlier Updates

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