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Earlier Updates

 10/17/14 - Photos - Outtakes From Mud Days Of Summer!  
a bunch of random pics of the ladies and myself during our summer mud days!

 10/15/14 - Video - Ariel's Extreme Savory Head Dunking  
I do some extreme savory head dunking in the nude! I had 3 buckets filled to the brim, one with oatmeal, one with tomato sauce and one with mayonnaise! I do proper head dunks in each substance 5 dunks each, making sure my entire head is fully submerged. After each set of head dunks I pour the remaining substance in the bucket over my head and shampoo the mess in, finishing up by lying back wallowing in the combined mess! It was so savory, so sloppy and so smelly lollll

 10/08/14 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Naked Foamy Kisses!  
Ariel and Jayce play naked in a kiddie pool with 15 cans of shaving cream in it. They love the foamy feeling on their naked skin as they exchange some girly kisses!

 09/28/14 - Photos - Ariel & Jayce Intense Mud Wrestling!  
A new photo set!!! 123 high res pics of Ariel and Jayce in white blouses, short skirts, white knee socks and loafers having an intense mud wrestling match. They really go at it this time!!!

Earlier Updates

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