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Earlier Updates

 04/11/14 - Video - Jayce Quized and Gunged!  
Jayce answers a series of questions and of course gets the wrong and gets a really big gunging with all sorts of messy foods!

 04/01/14 - Video - Ariel - Strip Pies & Jerk Off Encouragement!  
Ariel plays strip `rock, paper, scissors` with you. Loser has to pie themselves with all of the pies while coaxing the other to pleasure themselves. She loses most of the time and slowly strips off all of her clothes until she is nude, then proceeds to pie herself and talk dirty to you. This video has some emphasis on her feet but doesn`t skimp on the pies to the face either! Video is 20 minutes and 1280 x 720 screen size.

 03/24/14 - Video - Jayce and Allie Sit On Cakes!  
Jayce and the newest wambabe Allie sit on a bunch of gooey cakes and squirt each other with different kinds of sticky syrups.

 03/14/14 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Ruined White Jeans!  
Ariel is a snotty restaurant diner in pristine white jeans. Jayce is the server also in perfect white jeans. Ariel is very rude about her wine, soup and pie and finally Jayce can`t take it anymore and splashes the wine all over Ariel`s white jeans! She turns Ariel around and fills her back pockets with red wine! Next Ariel takes the tomato soup and covers Jayce`s white jeans in it, completely ruining them! In turn Jayce also ruins Ariel`s white jeans with tomato soup! Jayce pies Ariel in the face and then Ariel hits Jayce with a nice pie sandwich! Jayce pushes Ariel onto the table, climbs on top of her and pies her in the face and just goes crazy covering her in the food mess! They climb off the table and Ariel fills Jayce back pockets with slop and then pours tomato soup inside her jeans and over her head! They are completely covered with their outfits totally trashed when they part ways!

Earlier Updates

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