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Earlier Updates

 01/22/15 - Video - Sadie VS.Hooter's Waitress Ariel  
Sadie goes to Hooter`s for a job interview! It doesn`t go as she planned and she gets pied & slimed by the waitress! Soon she turns the tables and gets her revenge on Ariel, the busty Hooter`s waitress! Ariel ends up getting duct taped at the wrists and ankles and pied & gunged mercilessly by Sadie! There are Cool Whip pies, ranch dressing, cake, beans, batter, melted ice cream in her pantyhose, eggs over her head and maple syrup!

 01/11/15 - Video - Ariel's Catsuit Oatmeal Bath  
Ariel plays in a tub half full of slimy, thick green oatmeal wearing a skin tight black catsuit. She head dunks in it and pours many bowls over her head. Eventually she strips off the catsuit and plays in the slimy mess completely naked, fully loving the feel of the slop on her naked skin.

 01/04/15 - Video - Ariel Pies Her New Tits For The First Time!  
Hey guys! As you probably already know I got implants a couple of months ago, I went from a B cup to my current 36 DD! I've been so eager to give my new tits a proper first pieing and last week I got the chance to do so! I made up 15 pies and 2 bowls of colorful batter and had so much fun! I started the scene by pieing both of my tits at the same time, it felt so amazing on my still ultra sensitive nipples! Then I self pie myself in the face and give myself a big pie sandwich followed by 3 pussy pies, a pie to the tits and another self pie to the face! Next I take a big bowl of brightly colored blue batter and pour it over my head, it looks fantastic flowing over my big titties! Next up is another self pie to the face and then I dip my face into a bowl of green batter and pour the rest of the green batter over my head. There's one pie left and I use that one to pie myself in the ass! I spend the remainder of the video rolling around on the floor in all the mess! During this whole video I'm talking dirty to you and encouraging you to jerk off! This is one hell of a sexy video :) I hope you enjoy it!!! :) :)

 01/01/15 - Video - Ariel Wet Jeans, Denim Jacket and Nike Air Max  
Ariel takes a shower and washes her hair while wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a blue denim jacket, tight strapless top, white ankle socks and Nike Air Max sneakers. Make sure you check out her new DD tits! :)

Earlier Updates

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