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Here are sample pics from my most recent updates

NEW  in my Download Store - take a look inside a private messy session w/ Ariel and Jayce - the first 4 minutes of a session filmed on the clients cell phone :) batter head dunking, headstands and a Jayce pussy pie!!!

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Earlier Updates

 09/01/15 - Video - Private Session With Ariel & Jayce!  
This is a cell phone video shot by our friend `C` during one of our private sessions. This is the third time we`ve met up with him at a hotel and gotten extremely messy! He wanted to film the beginning of the session so we thought we`d put it out there in the store for whoever wants to check it out. It is a little shaky and it`s a cell phone video, but it`s sexy and fun. First Ariel and Jayce play `paper rock scissors` to see who head dunks first! Ariel goes in first, but she`s taking too long so Jayce shoves her head down into the bucket of batter! Ariel emerges and quickly submerges again and does a full hand stand in the bucket for several seconds! Next it`s Jayce turn. First she does a long head dunk in the batter. She comes up for air and then goes back in and does a long hand stand, while she`s under Ariel pies her in the pussy.

 08/16/15 - Video - Your Secretary Loves Being Covered In Fruit Pies  
Ariel in a very sexy outfit - short black skirt, white blouse, white bra, slate gray hosiery and black patent heels. She plays with lots of sloppy fruit pies topped with Cool Whip while gradually stripping down for you. She gets completely naked except for the pie mess. Lots of focus on Ariel`s sexy feet. 22 minutes.

 08/04/15 - Video - Ariel Gets Her Swimsuit Filled By Mime Jayce!  
Ariel wears a one piece swimsuit, white make-up and a red nose and gets gunged and her swimsuit filled SO full with cheese, beans, spaghetti o's, creamed corn, soup, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, blue batter, maple syrup, black & white feathers and applesauce. Then Jayce gets in and gets caked in the face and pied in the ass!

 07/27/15 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Want You To Cum! Pies and JOI!  
Ariel and Jayce want to see you cum for them! Jerk off encouragement, JOI! These two hot women pie eachother while telling you all about how much they love your big dick and want to see you cum!

Earlier Updates

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