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Earlier Updates

 05/21/15 - Video - Schoolgirl Panty Fill!  
Ariel & Jayce - Schoolgirl Panty Fill! The ladies wear silky Victoria`s Secret panties & fill them full of batter, pudding, applesauce, jello, caramel, chocolate & lots of squirty cream! They get messy from head to toe, lots of sexy flirting and big tits!

 05/09/15 - Video - Titty Twins! 30 Sloppy Pies & Sexy Playful Titty Fun!  
Titty twins pie fight! Ariel and Jayce show off their new titties in a tit for tat pie fight with 30 assorted kinds of good and sloppy pies! They rub their titties together, motor boat each other, Jayce rubs her face into Ariel's ass, Ariel rubs her titties on Jayce's ass, they rub their pie covered asses together. So much sexy fun, especially if you like titties, pies, panties and/or socks!

 04/30/15 - Video - Sadie's Extreme Savory Gunging!  
Sadie takes a huge gunging with industrial size containers of Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Cole Slaw dressing, BBQ sauce, brown mustard and tomato sauce, all poured directly over her head! She is wearing a Victoria's Secret Pink sports bra and VS Pink yoga pants.

 04/24/15 - Ariel Clownin' Around Again! + April Fools Jayce!!!  
clown girl Ariel clowns around, sitting on big bakery cakes, pieing herself and playing in cake batter. Her camera person throws a bowl of confetti in her face, and then she tricks her camera woman, Jayce, who is in mime makepup, into getting in the scene and sitting on cake and getting her panties filled with whipped cream and giving her a sloppy pie sandwich!

Earlier Updates

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