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Earlier Updates

 12/09/14 - Video - Bitchy Customer Ariel vs. Hooter's Waitress Jayce  
Ariel comes into a restaurant to have some dessert, she immediately starts to treat the waitress poorly, Jayce, poorly, making fun of her uniform and talking badly about the food. She humiliates Jayce by pieing her several times. Finally Jayce has had enough and the women get into a scuffle, ending in Ariel falling and getting knocked out! When she comes to she is wearing nothing but her pantyhose and her ankles and wrists are tied! Jayce gets revenge on Ariel by humiliating and messing her up badly! She pies and cakes Ariel, even shoving a piece of cake into her mouth! She pours melted ice cream down her pantyhose and covers her with foods like chocolate syrup and pudding. When she`s satisfied that she`s properly humiliated Ariel she starts to walk away, but Ariel still can`t help making a rude comment, so Jayce comes back with one more surprise - a big bowl of eggs poured right over Ariel`s head!

 11/26/14 - Video - Ariel & Jayce's 40 Pie Foot Fetish Mess!  
this is a custom that Jayce and I got to do a few weeks ago, it was really fun and we had a blast filming it! We got 40 pie crusts and we baked them all and then we carefully removed the pie crusts from the tins and placed them on the floor. We filled them all with substances such as beans, custard, marshmallow cream, pudding, syrup and spaghetti and ringed each pie with whipped cream. After we carefully set this up almost perfectly we got to the really fun part! We got to use our bare feet to play in and crush all of the pies in all different ways. We got really creative with it and it was super fun. After we crushed all the pies we pushed all of the mess into a pile and rubbed our feet in it, we poured chocolate syrup over each others bodies and then we got really flirty and rubbed our feet on each others bodies and sucked each others messy toes We had a lot of fun with this one and it ended up being 47 minutes long!

 11/114 - Video - Jilly gives Ariel a silver Mehron massage!  
We had so much with this idea that Jilly had! she gives me the month excellent massage and then we both get coated together!

 11/07/14 - Video - Naked Jilly Duct Taped To The Floor & Pied & Slimed!  
This is one of my faves that we've done in some time! I got Jilly naked and duct taped her lil ass to the floor and then I just let her have it with a bunch of pies and bowls of colored batter. I didn't hold back at was merciless and she took it like a champ, just like always!

Earlier Updates

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