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Earlier Updates

 03/03/15 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Formal Pies!  
Ariel & Jayce wear fomal gowns, panties, pantyhose & heels and have sexy fun with pies, syrup and eggs! Lots of pie flying, pantyhose filling, filling of their heels with eggs and more sexy, spontaneous fun by these lovely ladies!

 02/27/15 - Video - Ariel makes herself cum in the mystery substance bath  
Ariel gets naked and gets into the tub of thick, sticky, green mystery substance. She submerges and head dunks in different positions and then starts to feel horny so she uses her fingers to rub her clit to orgasm.

 02/19/15 - Video - Sexy, Savory Clown!  
Ariel in her sexiest clown costume ever! She looks so cute as a savory clown in ranch dressing, beans, ketchup and mustard! Lots of focus on her feet, pantyhose filling, sitting in a pie tin of beans & more sexy clown fun!

 02/14/15 - Video - Ariel head dunks & submerges in a bath tub full of SYRUP!  
Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of love day I'm posting this video that I'm so excited to release! I'm wearing beautiful white lingerie, all Victoria's Secret, into a bath tub full of maple syrup! Wow, it was so incredible! I do a lot of head dunks and submersions, let out my DD's and even pour two extra gallons of syrup over my head! It was an amazing experience and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Earlier Updates

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