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Check out our new dedicated WETLOOK download store latest update: Jayce splashes around in a kiddie pool of oil in denim and layers!

NEW  in my Download Store - Ariel is lookin' cute in her Victoria's Secret Pink yoga leggings! Jayce gets her tied up and pies and batters her!

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Earlier Updates

 07/13/14 - Video - Ariel Tied, Pied And Battered!  
Ariel starts off this scene sitting on the floor, already tied up and wearing an outfit of all Victoria's Secret Pink - tight black leggings, cute cheeky panties, black tank and black hoodie. Jayce totally lets her have it with Cool Whip pies in graham cracker crusts and bowls of colorful batter.

 07/03/14 - Video - Ariel Gunged Savory Style!  
Jayce lets Ariel have it really good with a huge mess of ketchup, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, beans, spaghetti o's, custard and red velvet cake!

 06/23/14 - Video - Ariel & Jayce's Naked Pies!  
Ariel and Jayce get naked and have a fun and sexy pie fight with 20 pies made from batter and whipped cream in graham cracker crusts. There is so much silliness and laughter in this sexy pie clip!

 06/16/14 - Video - Ariel Jayce & Jilly Clown Around  
Ariel, Jayce and Jilly dress up as clowns and get wild with pies, cakes and batter!

Earlier Updates

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