Hey guys! Sadie is back for customs and private sessions with me! E-mail me at arielwambabes@gmail.com
Here are sample pics from my most recent updates

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Earlier Updates

 02/05/16 - Custom Video - Sadie Gets Messed Up!  
She gets so messed up and all she can do is sit there and let her have it while I cover her with tubs of Cool Whip, shaving cream pies and buckets of thick slime.

 01/28/16 - Video - Ariel & CJ Shower After Girls Night Out  
Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week :) I'm adding a wetlook video for your viewing pleasure today :) This is my friend CJ and I getting wet in the big shower during one of our girls nights! We had so much fun! For more wetlook visit http://ariel.umd.net

 01/24/16 - Custom Video - Sadie Gets A Proper Pieing & Gunging!  
Sadie gets a good pieing and gunging! Ariel absolutely destroys her & lets her have it with a huge bowl of brownie batter poured over her head followed by a barrage of different types of pies, 2 big bowls of yellow & blue batter, a big bowl of oatmeal, several bottles of chocolate syrup & a can of squirty cream. All the pours go straight over her head, trashing her blonde hair and pretty skirt, tank top, tights & black heels.

 01/15/16 - Custom Video - Crisco Shampoo + Gravy Head Dunks!  
Hey guys! This is a custom I did recently, it\'s a gross/savory style one :) The substances actually ended up being my idea! I had a few glasses of wine and he was asking for my ideas and this is what my twisted little mind did to myself :) a Crisco shampoo with blended up sauces and tomatoes and multiple head dunks in a bucket full of brown gravy. It was pretty funky :)

Earlier Updates

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