Hey guys! I'm offering overnight delivery on customs now, solo or two girl scenes available. Message me @ arielwambabes@gmail.com with your custom ideas, we'll set it up and I will film it and have it to you next day, sometimes same day!
Here are sample pics from my most recent updates

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Earlier Updates

 11/27/15 - Custom Video - Ariel Fully Engulfed In Peanut Butter!  
Hey guys! Ariel, here. This is another custom video I recently did. The gentleman asked me to "fully engulf my face and head in peanut butter" :) I was happy to oblige. I also covered the rest of my naked body in the thick, sticky peanut butter.

 11/21/15 - Custom Video - Slutty Schoolgirl Ariel In Pottery Clay!  
Hey guys, Ariel here! I have been trying to locate some of this glorious clay for years! Every time I've gotten a hold of some pottery clay it's been much runnier than this, this stuff is amazing! Nice and thick, but not TOO thick, great for pouring and head dunking and total coverage! I started by dipping my white ankle socks and canvas Keds into a bucket full of it and soon I'm down on the floor covering myself and wallowing in it! I couldn't help myself,,,,had to do 2 full head dunks in it.....it was incredible! I end up getting totally naked and completely covered in clay!

 11/07/15 - Custom Video - Ariel's Humiliation In White Jeans  
Hey guys! This is a custom I had the pleasure of shooting last week! HThe gentleman who had me shoot it for him (Piefan2 on umd.net) described it best as "consensual humiliation" The basic synopsis is I show up to audition for a part in a movie. I am under the impression I will be auditoning for the MILF role in an "American Pie" movie but I end up getting pied by the producer 7 times. First 2 fat banana cream pies from the frozen section and then 5 Cool Whip pies. He pies me hard and the pie tins stick to my face while I flail around and complain and the pieing and ruining of my white jeans and shoes. This video is also available as a download @ wambabesvideo.com for just $5.00

 11/02/15 -Video - Ariel Pie & Orgasm Session With My New Toy!  
Hey guys! Ariel here...I'm usually pretty busy doing custom videos, but this one is MY custom video I got a new cordless Hitachi last week and I couldn't wait to put it to work in some mess! One day when I had the house all to myself I set up my camera in the living room and made 10 cream pies and 2 bowls of green and blue batter. I put on some new Victoria's Secret lingerie I've been saving and switched on the camera to film a private video for you. And me I start by shaking my big tits in your face. I'm feeling very horny because I haven't orgasmed in several days so I'm shaky and flustered. I'm so ready to get messy and get to cum! I start to show off my body to you, I get on my knees to show you my thick ass in my sexy thong. This seemed like a good time to start with my pies, right on my big ass I'm rubbing my pussy a lot, pieing it and pieing myself in the face. I give myself a glorious pie sandwich! Another pie to my ass and then I put a pie on the floor and plant my face into it while I rub my pussy. It felt so amazing! I spread my legs and pie my pussy again and then put a pie on the floor between my legs and sit my pussy down into it. It feels so fucking good and I'm so aroused and ready to cum! I take the bowls of batter and pour them over my head, one after the other. I made sure that my head and face got completely covered. It looks awesome. I put my last pie between my legs and sit in it and then turn on my toy! It doesn't take me long to find my spot and start to work myself up to my really intense orgasm. I love this toy. It gives me the most intense, leg shaking, getting dizzy kind of orgasms. Anyways sweetheart, I hope you enjoy this very intimate and personal video.

Earlier Updates

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