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Earlier Updates

 09/28/14 - Photos - Ariel & Jayce Intense Mud Wrestling!  
A new photo set!!! 123 HUGE high res pics of Ariel and Jayce in white blouses, short skirts, white knee socks and loafers having an intense mud wrestling match. They really go at it this time!!!

 09/23/14 - Video - Ariel, Jayce & Jilly - Savory, Sweet & Nuts!  
Ariel, Jayce & Jilly go crazy with savory & sweet substances! They have a food fight with mayo, spaghetti o's, ketchup, beans, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, pudding, soup and marshmallow cream!

 09/13/14 - Video - Ariel, Jayce, Jilly & Sadie - WAMbabes VS. House of Mess  
This is one of my faves that we've gotten to do in a long time! This past week Jayce, Jilly and I were all able to get together (finally! we've missed Jilly so!) and we brought Sadie in to make four! I made 20 pies....some Cool Whip filled, some pudding filled and some batter filled....and we had 8 bowls of brightly colored cake batter and we proceeded to try to see which 2 girl team could mess the other team up the best! First up Jayce and Jilly are in the middle while Sadie and I gang up on them and pie and slime them mercilessly! Next it's mine and Sadie's turn in the middle and the House of Mess girls let us have it just as bad, if not worse! When we've used up all our pies and batter we start to sling around the mess that's on the floor, collecting it in the bowls and pie tins and getting each other any way we can! For our grand finale we each fill a tin with the leftover slop and all 4 of us simultaneously pie ourselves! 13 minutes long and 1280 x 720 screen size in HD

 09/06/14 - Video - Ariel & Jayce Boots Stuck In Sticky Mud!  
Hey guys! I've got a new video for you today, this is a good one! 32 minutes of Jayce and I in leather ankle boots, short skirts with no panties and cute tops. This is all about us getting stuck in thick deep mud! Our feet get so stuck, we get our boots sucked off and try to trudge our way through the mud to make our way to the mud pit! Jayce even gets in the pit for a minute while I stand on the edge and bend over, flashing my pussy! Then we trudge our way back through the mud to get back out! During the ordeal we play in the mud, get playful with each other, fill our boots with mud and put them back on, lots of upskirts and pussy flashing, dipping my face in the mud and more fun and sexy stuff.

Earlier Updates

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