This site is HUGE! My site has been open since about 1998 and most of the content is still here! There is a gigantic archive of wam photos and videos here! I've shot with more than 50 amateur and pro models. Come inside and check it out, You won't be disappointed by what you find inside!

500 Photo Sets and 50 Videos!

That's right! Wambabes now boasts 500 full photo sets and 40 full-length and fullsize videos!

08/28/14 - Video - Ariel In The Mud Pit In Latex Dress, Pantyhose and Leather Boots
This is my first time in the big mud pit this summer. I had so much fun! I had on a black latex mini dress, black sheer to waist pantyhose and black leather boots. Full submersion and coverage, head dunking, mud pie and ...




Autumn Westin


Wed, Aug 27:
Here's a fun picture from a mud custom video Jayce and I filmed today. We're doing mud customs for 25% off our usual cost right now.
Wed, Aug 27:
I'm taking custom orders now! Solo customs and customs with my BFF Jayce! For a limited time mud customs are 25% off and the mud pit is now filled with waist deep thick clay mud. It's glorious! Also f...
stop by and check out the newest download - Jilly showering in her clothes after yoga class!


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